story of
Best Ever

Best Ever Film was co-founded in 2013 by Kareem J. Mortimer, an award-winning Bahamian filmmaker and Alexander I. Younis, a successful Austrian entrepreneur and artist. It was in The Bahamas that Mortimer and Younis realized that they both had the desire to create content to push boundaries, communicate fresh ideas, reflect the world they live in and resonate with their audience.

Best Ever Film is an enterprise engaged in the development, production and distribution of feature films. The company's aim is to make unique, story driven films that have appeal in both the U.S. and foreign markets.

The name Best Ever was inspired by Mortimer's paternal great-grand parents, Winifred Gibson Mortimer and Ulric Mortimer Sr. Ulric Mortimer Sr. was a successful business owner and philanthropist. In 1928, he established his first business, Best Ever Candy Kitchen in Nassau, Bahamas which is still in operation today. The candies the company produced were varied and diverse, ranging from candied apples to mints but all were made with impeccable care and their popularity solidified the business as a cultural institution.

Best Ever Film will continue in that tradition by developing, producing and distributing films that are competitive in the market place. The productions will vary in genre but each will be made with the passion and integrity to make every production the best ever.

PICTURE  -  1943

The Duke of Windsor, Ulric Mortimer Sr. and Winifred Gibson Mortimer during the Duke's visit of Best Ever Candy Kitchen